Company of materials testing instruments


Since its creation in 1979, CONTROLAB is a leader today, in France, on the market of the laboratory equipments for the Civil Engineering (aggregates, cements, concretes, rocks, coated,…) and major actor on those of Mechanical Engineering.

CONTROLAB carries out a sales turnover of almost 10 million euros in France and to the International one.

Its clients are:

  • companies of engineering,
  • companies of expertise,
  • laboratories of teaching,
  • research laboratories,
  • laboratories of control (private or public).

With its quality products, CONTROLAB proposes a total service of technical studies, installation, formation, preventive maintenance, after-sales service and metrology. This service is become possible thanks to a creative team engineers, the commercial ones, the technical-commercial ones, technicians, assistants punctually supplemented by teachers and researchers aggregate.

The recognition of the quality of the services was rewarded in April 2004 by certification ISO 9001:2000.

For two years, the company has made new great strides:

  • thanks to an important internal reorganization,
  • thanks to the resumption of the activities of companies PERRIER-LABOTEST and INTERCO-EUROMATEST.

CONTROLAB wants to continue its development by strengthening its foothold in France and North Africa, but also by spreading out its commercial network to the East European countries as well as those the Mediterranean rim and in Western Africa.