History of CONTROLAB, material testing laboratory


In 1979, company CONTROLAB is set up. Our company is specialized in the distribution of materials for laboratories making it possible to carry out any type of tests in civil engineering (on materials) and in mechanical engineering (on metals).

Its growth is mainly based on internationalization particulary in Southern Africa and the Maghreb.

In 1989, CONTROLAB reinforces its establishment on the French market. The company settles in new buildings close to Paris, in Saint-Ouen (93).

In 1999, CONTROLAB obtains certification ISO 9002.


In June 2002, the development of CONTROLAB accelerates. The founding shareholders yield the company to a group of investors and to people physical who will undertake a strong development of CONTROLAB.

This one is articulated on 5 axes:

  • internal growth,
  • external growth,
  • the setting up of a engineering and design department,
  • the setting up of a laboratory of metrology department,
  • the setting up of a preventive maintenance and After-sales service department.

The axis of this new orientation come to reinforce the historical strength of CONTROLAB, like the guarantee of a high value advise from technical-commercial people, the republishing of the materials and metals catalogs every 2 years, a storage warehouse represents more than 2 million €uro...

Mr Jean-Philippe CHERRIER's management, shareholder and chairman, CONTROLAB take over successively the activity of the Maurice PERRIER's company mid-2003 , EUROMATEST in mid-2004, the SOCIÉTÉ INTERNATIONALE DE CONTRÔLE at the beginning of 2005 and LABOWIN softwares espacially designed forcivil engineering laboratory tests in mid-2005.

In 2004, CONTROLAB doubles the surface allocated to the offices, the storage of the products and the workshops. It employs 40 people.

To ensure its growth, the organization of CONTROLAB was structured in 8 departments:

  • Financial, Accounting and Human Ressources - Purchasing Department (5 people)
  • Materials Export Department (6 people)
  • Materials France Department (6 people)
  • Metal Department (2 people)
  • Maintenance and After-sales service  Department (8 people)
  • Metrology department (2 people)
  • Engineering and design Department (4 people)
  • Logistics department (7 people)
  • Marketing Department (2 people)

CONTROLAB is the subsidiary of FINANCIÈRE CONTROLES ET TESTS SA. The shareholding of FINANCIÈRE CONTROLES ET TESTS SA is composed of physical people and financial investors such as DEMETER PARTERNS, giving CONTROLAB the financial means necessary one to its developments.

End of 2007, the company CONTROLAB changes its main shareholder. Now, the DEMETER PARTNERS Private Equity owns 93% of the capital.

Begining of 2008,  Jean Philippe CHERRIER quits his position of chief executive officer and shareholder.
He is substitued by
François VERGON, as a Chairman and Xavier LEPRETRE, as a Chief executive.
These changes offer a new impulse to the strategic orientations of the company and ensure its financial durability.