President letter from laboratory equipment testing material

President letter 



Welcome to !

This brand new site was developed for you!

That you may be a national laboratory or a private civil or mechanical engineering company, a teaching organisation, a Building or civil works firms, a subcontractor or an industrial manufacturer... you will find in this site all the information, products or the services that you need.

It highlights the professionalism and the experience gained in France and abroad for more than 30 years with respect to the design, the development, the manufacture and the marketing of equipment used in civil and mechanical engineering laboratory.

Many changes intervened at CONTROLAB since the last version of our website.

The company has developed a new growth through a major internal reorganasition combine with the restructuring of the comlpany capital and also by taking over the activties ofthe PERRIER LABOTEST company, the EUROMATEST one and the SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE DE CONTRÔLE or even to the purchasing of Labowin softwares especially designed for civil and mechanicals engineering laboratories.

In addition to offering quality products, CONTROLAB provides an overall technical, installation, training, preventive maintenance, After-sales service and metrological testing service. It is made possible by team comprising engineers, sales technicians, technicians, assistants backed up from time to time by teachers and approved researchers.

The high standard knowledge of the quality of services proposed was rewarded when the company was granted  ISO 9001:2000 certification. It will be requesting COFRAC 122-1 at the end of 2006.

CONTROLAB wants to continue its development by strengthening its foothold in France and North Africa, but also by spreading out its commercial network to the East European countries as well as those the Mediterranean rim and in Western Africa.


François VERGON et Xavier LEPRETRE