Labowin for test on materials with compression machine



LaboWin©, a CONTROLAB trademark, is a set of softwares designed for the use of the operator in charge of carrying out the laboratory tests in civil engineering (Aggregates, Mortar, Soil, Didactic).
This program is mostly dedicated for teaching and makes it the ideal complement of Practical Works.

If you wish to receive a free demonstration CD-ROM of the software, please fill in the form in the Contact rubric .

It is also an invaluable help for the operators of laboratory, thanks to:

  • The user-friendliness of the Windows® environment.
  • The acquisition data in the form of summary tables.
  • The respect of the procedures defined by the standards.
  • The edition of reports, curves and graphs of analysis.
  • The recalls on the theory of the tests.
  • The On-line help as to the test procedure.
  • The export of the results towards other Windows® applications.

LaboWin© is made of 9 modules, each one being able to be sold separately.