After-Sales-Service for your lab equipment


The interventions of our engineers and technicians of the after-sales department continue after the period of guarantee.

  • We intervene on the maintenance and the breakdown service of your machines.
  • We are at your sides to advise you concerning all your technical questions, the repairing or improvement of your equipment.
  • A very important stock of spare parts enables us to ensure you a fast and effective service.

You can contact us 8h40 with 12h30 and of 13h40 with 18h00 of Monday at Friday.

SAV preventif


Preventive SAV The installation of an effective system of communication with the customers for:

  • to answer their requests for information;
  • to simplify and automate the order takings for the spare parts;
  • to ensure the best possible support….

Following a deep analysis carried out in our branch of industry, we developed and improved during these last years, of the personalized solutions being able to answer a maximum of need.

The seeting up of each solution is validated with each customer in order to answer with precision their needs.

Our maintenance department can ensure in France like abroad, a preventive maintenance, more than 120 annual contracts to date, or a After-Sales Service on site as in workshop of all the equipment sold by CONTROLAB PERRIER-LABOTEST INTERCO EUROMATEST to see of handing-over on level of your products.